We are storytellers at heart and
would love to document all those
moments, big and small, for you + yours. 

I {Morgan} am a photographer and my sweet hubs {Joshua} shoots film. I started this business as a little side hustle after our daughter {Elliot} was born. She quickly became the thief of my heart and those piercing blue eyes of hers {hence Elliot Blue} made me braver than I ever thought possible. After years working as a grief counselor for kids, the camera was a way back to light and love in a way that I desperately needed. Fast forward a year, my creative genius of a husband basically googled "how to become a videographer" and now creates the most beautiful and timeless films. Thousands of photos and hours upon hours of editing later, here we are! We love Jesus and our heart is to love others and operate out of kindness and generosity.

These are our monkeys + this is our circus.

husband and wife duo.

Hello! We are Joshua + Morgan.